reaching east and west

My college professor, bj sullivan, used to always to tell us to reach both to the east and to the west with our distal ends, moving expansively, eating up the space.  I seem to have internalized her words more than I realized, and for the past several years have been split in two by the coasts of this big wide country.  I've spent three years in the Seattle, and have thrived in the artistic community I've found out here.  Now a new job opportunity has arisen for my partner, and we're headed back to the same town we left three years ago.  I am curious to find what is the same and what has changed, and also anxious to create a similarly nourishing dance family for myself back in the Southeast.  I will officially be a resident of Blacksburg, VA, as of early March 2013, and plan to hit the ground dancing, so stay tuned and wish me luck!