It’s funny and sweet.  Without trying too hard.
— The Washington Post, of Everybody Knows This is Now Here
Students, professors use dance to bring together patients and families.
— Radford University Relations
The different portions of the performance – dance phrases, spoken word, film – are integrated in fluid motion, and the entire show feels relaxing and enjoyable. Both performers are engaging both in their duet work and alone.
— DC Theatre Scene, of Everybody Knows This Is Now Here, a full-length duet in collaboration with Eliza Larson/Mountain Empire Performance Collective.

Seattle Dances, of Hot Mess, an independently produced concert:

"Grant succeeded in creating a work that was sweet and honestly curious about itself, with a great respect for a child’s point of view."

Seattle Dances, of Sanctuary, a collaboration with Annie McGhee:

"There was never an explanation of why six birds were dancing so well together, but it was not needed. One only needed to sit back and enjoy the laughter."

"...producers should keep a look out for choreographers like Grant and McGhee who aren't afraid to part from the path and shake a couple tail feathers."

Seattle Times, of Jurg Koch's Meanwhile: in Seattle:

"...'meanwhile' had its highlights, especially in a fluid, athletic duet between Roxanne Foster and Rachel Grant."