*All classes taught by Rachel Rugh unless othewise indicated.


Kids Modern Dance (Ages 7-10)

This hour-long class will provide the foundational elements of modern dance training in a fun, non-competitive environment. We will start with gentle warm up activities, and will ultimately progress towards fun, full-bodied movement phrases.  Creative expression and improvisation will be introduced and encouraged, along with basic partnering skills and a variety of composition tools that will enable dancers to create their own original choreography. 

Beginner/Intermediate Modern Dance (Teens, Ages 11-18)

Fundamentals of modern dance will be introduced in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Dancers will become comfortable with leaps, jumps, inversions and quick footwork. We will oscillate between learning set choreography and engaging with individual + group improvisation activities. Be ready to move, sweat and create! 

Beginner/Intermediate Modern Dance (Adults) 

This 75-minute modern dance class is grounded in the Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals, a series of exercises that help realign and re-pattern neuromuscular pathways for increased efficiency and ease of movement. We’ll often start and end the class with improvisation prompts to encourage grounding, flexibility and range of motion. A gentle floor-based warmup will gradually progress to standing, increasing in rigor and intensity. We’ll ultimately progress towards fun, full-bodied movement phrases. Incorporating individual creative expression with set movement material, we will find freedom within structure, building a cohesive foundation of modern dance vocabulary.  

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance (Teens ages+ Adults)

This 75-minute modern dance class builds on the skills and format of the beginner/intermediate classes, but is geared towards more experienced movers. We will explore the ways in which participants can safely and efficiently execute movement material that is big, juicy, full-bodied and dynamic. Dancers will practice skills such as inversions, floor leaps, fluidly moving in and out of the floor, and quick directional changes in phrase work. Some partnering, weight sharing, somatic sensing and group improvisation will be explored! 

Parent-Tot Creative Movement (Ages 1-3 and walking WITH parent/caregiver)

Shake your sillies out in this parent-child creative movement class! These classes will provide developmentally appropriate movement activities, songs and games with emphasis on joyful connection with parent or caregiver. Creative Movement is a fantastic way to create balance in body and mind (for kids and parents too!) through the contrasting elements of dance concepts. Geared towards children aged 1 year (and walking) to 3 years, with parent or caregiver.

Preschool Creative Movement (Ages 3-5 and able to separate from caregiver)

Roll like a log, bounce like a ball, soar like a bird and scamper like a mouse!  In this introduction to creative dance, we’ll explore all the fun and fantastic ways people can move.  We’ll exercise our brains and bodies, play games and act out stories.  Basic ballet and modern dance terminology will be introduced in a relaxed, non-competitive environment.  

Creative Ballet I (Ages 5-7) KATY GAINES, instructor

Building on the foundation set in the Preschool Creative Movement Class, Creative Ballet 1 will focus on exposing dancers to introductory ballet terminology in a fun, low-pressure environment. Plenty of opportunities for storytelling and creative expression will be offered through the lens of classical ballet, with an emphasis on safe and appropriate alignment.

Creative Ballet II (Ages 8-10) KATY GAINES, instructor

Creative Ballet 2 expands on the skills learned in Creative Ballet 1, while offering more rigorous training in ballet technique. This class will follow the format of a traditional ballet class (beginning with exercises at the barre, then practicing skills in center and across the floor), but will also provide opportunities to experiment with choreographic skills, improvisation and creative expression.